About Us

Te Ara Korowai is a peer led creative wellbeing centre in Raumati Beach. We provide opportunities for participation and inclusion in creative and wellbeing focused classes for all in our community. Our mission is to promote positive mental health through support, creativity and wellness. We are a not-for-profit community organisation and rely on grants and donations to continue to operate and offer our services to those in our community who need them.

Our Kaupapa: Embracing the path of recovery with the cloak of support.



Centre Manager / Fundraiser – Sarah Yuile 

Centre Coordinator, Creative Director / Arts Tutor – Ara Kennedy

Arts Tutors – Nicky Campbell, Janne Thompson, Emily-Jane Smith

Writing Tutor – Bryony Rogers

Dance Teacher – Rachel Wilson

Meditation Teachers – Geraldine Reid

Cooking Tutors – Elisha Nauta, Katie Bowie

Centre Cleaner – Tony Newey


We welcome volunteers from both the community and our membership.



Our Board is made up of community members with at least half the team having a lived experience of mental distress as per our constitution.

 Chair: Bill Hawke; Secretary: Phil Clark; Treasurer: Melanie Attree ; Paul Dacombe-Bird; Wayne Butson 

Member Representative: Ruth

Members: Melissa Brewerton; Mark Young


Charity registration CC28369