Embracing the path

Empowering Tangata Whaiora

Te Ara Korowai Wellbeing Centre

Te Ara Korowai Wellbeing Centre is a peer support and well-being hub located in Raumati. Our workshops and events welcome all ages, backgrounds and abilities with a special focus on those facing mental health challenges or going through tough times.

We work towards reducing stigma and discrimination wherever it exists, by promoting an inclusive community.

Our Kaupapa: embracing the path of recovery with the cloak of support



Te Ara Korowai offers a programme of well-being workshops including creativity, suicide prevention training, Te Whare Tapa Whā approach plus lots more. For a copy of our programme email info@tearakorowai.org.nz or click the button below and follow us on Facebook



“Embracing the Path” is the English translation of Te Ara Korowai, however it means so much more than that. “Te” translates as the, and “Ara” as path, pathway or journey. “Korowai” is a finely woven cloak that embraces the wearer, just as we are a place that embraces and supports our members. Korowai are taonga (treasures) and the mana (power, status) of the cloak comes from the person who wears it, and so the mana of Te Ara Korowai comes from all our members.

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We are located at…

1 Weka Road, Raumati Beach, 5032.

P.O. Box 597, Paraparaumu 5254

Email us at info@tearakorowai.org.nz

Tel (04) 299 6981